Sea-Side Dive Shop – Service Page

Equipment Service
As a full service dive shop, we maintain a large selection of all major brands of SCUBA and snorkel equipment, as well as a full line of up to date quality rentals. Our factory trained technicians are always available to service or repair many major brands of SCUBA equipment(Beuchat, Dacor, Mares, Sherwood, Poseidon). Regulator annual service can usually be done in a in a week but many adjustments can be made while you wait (Waited till the last minute?  We can provide 1-day service).  Bring in your tanks and have them filled while we service your equipment.

Nitrox Fills
Using our computerized mixing system we excel in gas blending. The main benefit behind diving with enriched air mixtures is the reduced amount of Nitrogen in the breathing gas which results in increased no-decompresion limits.

Compressor & Air Bank
Our compressor and air bank has the capability to fill your tanks quickly and efficiently.

Equipment Rental
We rent everything from masks, wet suits, air tanks and nitrox tanks. Multi-day rental rates are also available.

The Sea-Side Safety Inspection Program

The low cost answer to ensure your gear will last a lifetime.

You went on a trip and had the time of your life – you return home and now your equipment is dirty, salty and possibly out of adjustment. Does this sound familiar? Our new Safety Inspection Program is just the answer!

We will completely rinse and clean ALL of your diving equipment, flush the bladder and clean the valves of your BC, as well as adjust your regulator. All you need to do is drop off your entire bag of equipment and we’ll do the rest! Here are some reason why you should consider this service option:

   -Extends the life of your diving equipment
   -Prevents damage caused by corrosion
   -Ensures peak performance on your next dive
   -Reduces worry about your equipment safety so you can concentrate on having fun!

Call the shop for details: (586) 772-7676